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February 20 · 

Quentin does an amazing job at healing with his hands and heart what a great healer!

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Paul Grosso.

November 13, 2019 · 

Quentin is attentive and amazing at his craft. I have been going to him for years and reccomend him to anyone who would like to feel better in their own body.

Sarah Rose

September 19, 2019 · 

Quentin stepped on me very nicely! 
His massage style combines Thai techniques and Shiatsu acupressure—which he applies with skill, intuition and some natural good humor—using his hands and feet as well as herbal hot compresses and a wooden massage stick. I left the massage mat feeling thoroughly relaxed and energized.

Sarah Aubry


July 26, 2019 · 

The bodywork I received by Quentin was the best in my life. He combined heat, herbs, and touch to create a truly healing experience. I felt safe and relaxed in his care as well as engaged throughout the session because he was checking in about how movements felt. Afterwards my body felt rejuvenated and restored. I highly recommend his services!

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AB Mellish  

April 10, 2019 · 

Quentin is amazing at what he does. A true professional. From the first step, he checks in with you and your body to see what areas need what levels of support. His massages are not only for pleasure and relaxation, but also to create a feeling of true improvement in muscle function and blood flow. I highly recommend him.

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Ryan Yee 

December 14, 2018 · 

I enjoyed my sessions with Quentin. He is a very knowledgable body worker, combining various techniques. He has a gentle yet effective approach...... I wish i could get a massage ever week - highly recommend!

1Marla Leigh Goldstein 

November 24, 2018 · 

Quentin's bodywork is outstanding. I have received many different forms of bodywork and massage, however Quentin's sessions are as refreshingly intelligent as they are wonderfully healing to receive. Skillful bodywork really fluctuates per practitioner (along with listening skills, innate talent, compassion and authentic motivation to help), and Quentin is like someone already said: the real deal.

Brooke Underwood 

November 24, 2018 · 

Highly Recommended. I've had alot of bodywork done in my days & this guy is the real deal. Looking forward to my next session.

Amazing results

Gail Jarrett 


February 19, 2019 · 

I came to Quentin after weeks of dealing with a repetitive motion related issue that had me in a lot of pain. just existing was difficult. With a quick 45 minute session including the hot compresses, he had me feeling like a new woman and even weeks later, the injury hadn't returned. Highly recommend Quentin and his magical hands. His compassionate approach combined with his years of experience really works!

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Tracy Fox 

November 25, 2018 · 

I just love this guy and his massages

Erinn Hu  



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